Cecotec Horizontal Fast & 5020 Force

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With Ultra Power Technology, it achieves a great power of 2600 W for fast, simple and effective ironing. Fast and efficient ironing with 2600 W


Turbo Slide sole that generates an ultra-slip, anti-scratch movement and greater durability.

Ultra-slip, resistant and anti-scratch sole.


Power Steam technology that generates continuous steam of up to 60 g/min. 60 g/min continuous steam.


210 g/min steam boost that helps eliminate the most difficult wrinkles by penetrating the heart of the fabric. You will get high-quality results and a professional finish .210 g/min stroke: eliminates the most difficult wrinkles.


Auto shut off automatic shut-off system that turns off the iron when it is not in use to protect your home and avoid any danger. Auto shut-off security system.


Precision Tip that helps eliminate the most inaccessible wrinkles, offering agile and comfortable ironing. Helps eliminate the most inaccessible wrinkles.


Drip-Block anti-drip system that prevents the iron from emitting condensed water drops, leaving marks on clothes. Anti-drip system.


Cyclo Clean anti-limescale system: filtering system that ensures that lime does not accumulate and the iron maintains a high level of steam performance, extending its useful life. Thanks to this antic system. Anti-limescale system


Cecotec Horizontal Fast &Furious 5020 Force


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