Cecotec Cut-X 4500 Electric Garment Lint Remover

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Lint remover with rechargeable battery with up to 45 minutes of autonomy, security system, 8800 revolutions per minute, adjustable head and cleaning brush. Contains thread deposit.

  • Battery Pro: maximum cordless comfort thanks to its high-capacity rechargeable battery that gives it an autonomy of 45 minutes.
  • 3 Sizes: quality metal grid made up of 3 size holes to retain all types of lint and take care of your clothes.
  • Extreme Blade: Extra strong blades capable of rotating at a speed of up to 8800 revolutions per minute and effectively removing all types of lint.
  • Save Time: Save time thanks to its 50 mm diameter blade, suitable for covering a large surface with a single pass.
  • Protect Head: head that adapts perfectly to all types of garments, gently cares for clothes and achieves total control over lint cleaning.
  • Clean Brush: Cleaning brush included to remove threads and lint from the head and blades.
  • Security System: integrated security system that deactivates operation to be able to access the blades with full protection and avoid possible accidents.
  • Ergonomic Shape: ergonomic, light, manageable and easy to use.
  • Lint collection tank with 45 ml capacity and easy emptying.
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