Cecotec Conga Wet&Dry Solid and Liquid Vacuum Cleaner Green

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About this item

  • Get total cleaning in your home, easy and hassle-free. Its 1400 W of power guarantees complete and total cleaning of all dirt, even the most complicated ones. If you want to keep your home clean, have a workshop or a large villa, this is your vacuum cleaner. You will be able to quickly remove all traces of dirt from your home, including liquids.
  • Quick and simple, forget about bulky cloths and endlessly wiping the deck to clean up a spilled liquid. The Cecotec Wet &Dry T vacuum cleaner is designed to vacuum liquids efficiently and cleanly. The liquid is absorbed from the end and moved inside the vacuum cleaner.
  • You get complete control of the suction and completely efficient cleaning, you can select the required power level for each type of surface, saving energy and money on your electricity bill.
  • Forget the maintenance of the equipment, thanks to the innovative blower function you will not have to worry about anything, since the vacuum cleaner itself performs a self-cleaning on all its internal components, preventing possible failures and prolonging its life.
  • Furthermore, it is possible to use the blower function to avoid the accumulation of leaves and debris, keeping both gardens and internal rooms, warehouses, workshops, etc. in perfect condition.
  • Includes 4 rubber wheels that provide easy movement and mobility in all rooms of the house, as well as avoiding the risk of any scratches on the floor. Avoids uncomfortable jerks and difficult twists, handles easily and smoothly in all movements.


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