Cecotec Commercial Outdoor Heaters

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Type of Item  : Commercial Outdoor Heaters

Model Type : Ready Warm 8900 Microclimate

Fuel Type : Gas

Warranty  :  2 years

Original price was: €499.00.Current price is: €399.00.




Description :

Outdoor butane or propane gas heater with pyramid shape and torch effect

  • Outdoor heater with a power of 13,000 W to quickly and efficiently heat outdoor areas.
  • Its simple and aesthetic design has been focused to ensure that all users are able to easily assemble the product.
  • It has 2 power levels to adapt the necessary heat to each situation.
  • Its pyramid-shaped, highly durable steel design allows heat to be distributed evenly, maintaining a warm microclimate around it.
  • With adjustable thermostat to be able to control the desired temperature as much as possible
  • Its high efficiency power allows you to heat spaces of up to 20 m² without difficulty and at a lower cost.
  • Thanks to its elegant design, an ideal torch effect is achieved to create special environments, taking advantage of its great efficiency in heat distribution.
  • Thanks to its two integrated wheels, we can place the heater in the place we want quickly and easily.


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