Cecotec Bolero 12 Bottles Wine Cellar

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Temperature setting cellar with a capacity of 12 bottles with a thermoelectric cooling system, which guarantees high performance. Adjustable temperature and interior LED light.

  • Capacity for 12 bottles. Designed with an ideal size to store all your wines in the best conditions. Enjoy a perfect size with a great storage capacity.
  • A performance to toast. Thermoelectric system. Your bottles of wine will always be perfect thanks to efficient operation that cools better and faster.
  • Very quiet: 26 dB
  • You will be able to enjoy your wines without anything bothering you. Keep your bottles and do not interfere with noise so that nothing spoils your peace of mind or celebrations.
  • The best conditions for your wines. Regulates the temperature between 11 ºC and 18 ºC to adapt its operation to your needs and those of your wines so that they preserve their flavor and do not lose nuances.
  • Touch control panel. Designed to achieve the best conservation for your bottles in the simplest way. With its touch panel you can regulate the temperature, turn the light on or off, choose between ºF or ºC and unlock your door.
  • Always visible temperature. Through its display you can see the temperature at a glance to regulate the degrees accurately, easily and quickly.
  • A brilliant performance. It has an interior LED light that makes it easy to see all your bottles. In addition, it will turn off within 10 seconds of being turned on for efficient operation.
  • You choose the degrees, your door keeps them. If you hesitate more than normal to choose the wine you want to enjoy or to store all your bottles, don’t worry, once you close the door it will lock to recover the set temperature.
  • Auto Defrost. Ice won’t be a problem. This function activates an automatic defrost so that your bottles are always in the best conditions.
  • Preserve your wines and protect future harvests. Environmental friendly. It does not emit gases that are harmful to the planet, so it not only helps preserve your wines, it also helps the environment.

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