Cecotec Air Fryer Hot Air Turbo CecoFry 4D Healthy 3L Capacity

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  • Innovative diet fryer with a cooking system that allows cooking from the top, from the bottom or simultaneously from above and from below, surrounding the food 360º and distributing the heat evenly.
  • Automatic fryer that cooks with hardly any oil with 8 preconfigured programs for ease of use and understanding: sauté, toast, French fries, oven, manual, pan, rice and yogurt. It incorporates a shovel to stir automatically with which to cook with little effort and a handle, both removable.
  • Adjustable temperature degree by degree from 100 to 240º with a timer that works from 5 to 90 minutes to be able to cook all possible recipes. It includes a menu to be able to cook yogurt at a pre-established temperature of 60ºC, configurable from 0 minutes to 16 and a half hours.
  • It has the option of being able to cook two dishes at the same time on two levels thanks to the rack, being able to combine several preparations at the same time, making the most of time. It has a three-layer stone ceramic-coated bowl with a 3-liter capacity in which up to 3.5 kg can be cooked. of potatoes preventing food from sticking to the bottom.
  • It includes a manual and a recipe book to be able to cook different dishes in an easy way with 40 recipes to learn how to cook with this revolutionary appliance and 8 extra video recipes to see in video format how easy it is to cook with this diet fryer model. It has a power of 1350 W to cook any dish efficiently. The measurements of the fryer are: 31 x 39 x (47 cm with the handle) x 23 cm.


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