Force Silence 1010 Extreme Connected

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Digital 10-blade pedestal fan with copper motor, 60 W, timer and 6 speeds.

Product details: · ExtremeFlow10: system that consists of 10 overlapping blades that form 2 layers and create an amplified air flow ( 15 % compared to a conventional fan) thanks to its diverging effect. Produces maximum-freshness feeling with a 40 cm/16” diameter. · ForceSilence Technology: instant profound feeling of fresh air with maximum silence and comfort. · CopperEngine: exclusive motor made of 100 % high-efficiency copper, completely reliable and maximum durability. · LED display to adjust temperature and speed simple and easily. · SmartControl: smart control thanks to its remote control and its LCD display. Intuitive and easy to use. · It incorporates ThermoSafe security system to lengthen the fan’s service life and to avoid incidents and faults. · 6Speed Function: choose between its 6 operating speeds in order to adjust air flow intensity to your needs. · PowerWind: powerful, 60 W to increase air flow and freshness feeling. · TotalControl: the fan is completely adjustable thanks to its telescopic bar, adjustable in height, which adapts to every user and situation. The air flow’s angle of incidence can also be adjusted. · RotateWind: blade-oscillation mode to create a greater air flow angle and to offer a wider freshness area. · CoolTimer: it includes a programmable timer that can be scheduled up to 15 hours, time after which the fan turns automatically off for maximum comfort and to save energy. · ElegantDesign: well-cared design with elegant lines that adapt to your home’s decoration. It is also adjustable and light to improve its transportation and storage. · SecuritySystem: integral security system composed of: · A safety grid that prevents access to the blades. · Blades made of semisoft AS material, for greater security. · Large solid and stable base that ensures maximum stability. · Health&Safety: the fan complies with environmental safety and protection current legislation. Composition: · Fan main body · Instruction manual, Remote Control

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