Braun Satin Hair Dryer

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Brand : Braun

Type of Item : Hair Dryer

Warranty : 2 years

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The Satin Hair 7 dryer with IONTEC technology is specially designed to restore the hair’s shine and healthy appearance while drying.

Satin Protect: designed to dry 100% damage-free. A simple press of a button limits the temperature to 70 ° C while maintaining a strong airflow. This guarantees 100% protection against overheating and damaging the hair.

Millions of active ions combat the static that occurs with conventional dryers. With a Braun Satin Hair IONTEC dryer you get more even hair for visibly more shine, strand by strand.

Brand Braun
Model HD730
Power 2200 W
Color black
Number of blowing speeds 2
Number of temperature ranges 3
Ionization yes
Cold air function yes


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