Beko Cooker 50cm Dual Fuel S/Steel

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Type of Item : Dual Cooker

Dimension : 50cm by 60cm

Hob Type  :  Gas

Number of Gas Burners  :  4

Oven Type :  Convectional

3D cooking  :  Yes

Installation : Free Standing

Color :  Stainless Steel

Capacity  :  60 L

Gill Function : Yes

The weight  :  50.3 kg

Warranty : 3 years






Baking 3D

Activation of all heating elements

3D baking is a new generation of baking that activates all the heating elements present in a given model and works in a multidimensional manner. Oven heaters operate sequentially to evenly distribute heat throughout the interior. 3D baking also allows you to bake several dishes at the same time.


Simple Steam Steam Cleaning

Easily achievable cleanliness

You can easily clean up this oven thanks to the quiet power of the steam. Just pour out some water in the oven cavity and run the appropriate program so that the water vapor settles on the sides of the oven, making them easier to clean.



Steam Shine Steam Cleaning

Easily achievable cleanliness

This special cleaning program generates steam and applies it to the cooking compartment. This softens the most stubborn dirt, which is enough to wipe with a cloth to get a perfectly clean oven interior.



Halogen lighting

A clear picture of what’s going on inside

Want to see how the cooking goes but don’t want to open the door and waste the heat inside? Halogen lighting helps you see the entire cavity of the oven, so you can keep an eye on your culinary creations with the oven door tightly closed.




Snap and defrost!

Using the hot air function also allows you to quickly defrost frozen food, guaranteeing the effect in a few minutes!



Safe gas

Automatic gas shut-off

The flame can easily go out when you are not around, releasing dangerous gas into your home. The gas anti-flow device detects when the burner flame is extinguished by the contents of the pot that has boiled over or by a gust of wind, and then cuts off the gas supply. No leakage and no worries.



Key Features

Number of recesses  :  1

Oven type  :  Multifunctional

Number of functions  :  8

Display type  :  LED display

Oven capacity  :  60 L.

Steam cleaning  :  Easily achievable cleanliness

Type of door opening  :  Opening downwards

Colour  :  Stainless steel

Type of disc  :  Gas

Burners configuration  :  4 gas burners


Main functions

Number of functions  :  8

Defrosting  :  Snap and defrost!

True Fan Cooking  :  Yes

Conventional baking  :  Yes

Baking 3D  :  Yes

Electric grill  :  Yes

True Fan Cooking with an oval heater  :  Activation of all heating elements

Small grill hot air  :  Yes

Steam cleaning  :  Yes

Bottom heating  :  Yes


Board functions

Design of the burner plate  :  Metal

Type of ignition  :  Lighter in the knob

Gas outflow protection  :  Automatic gas shut-off

Front left  :  2.9 kW

Rear left  :  2 kW

Front-right Zone  :  1 kW

Rear right  :  2 kW

Grids  :  Cast iron

Number of gas burners  :  4



Type of lighting  :  A clear picture of what’s going on inside

Display type  :  LED display

Removable door glass  :  Yes

Number of recesses  :  1

Number of ladder levels  :  Side ladders – 5 levels

Number of ladder levels  :  2 levels

The colour of the interior  :  Black enamel

Type of door opening  :  Opening downwards

Accessory storage type  :  Metal drawer

Cover design  :  Glass


Standard accessories

Number of standard trays  :  1

Number of wire trays  :  1



Type of grill  :  Electric grill

Cooling fan  :  Yes


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