Beko Cooker Dual Fuel 50cm White

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Type of Item : Dual Cooker

Dimension : 50cm by 60cm

Hob Type  :  Gas

Oven Type :  Convectional

3D cooking  :  Yes

Installation : Free Standing

Color :  White

Capacity  :  55L

Gill Function : Yes

The weight  :  43.3 kg

Warranty : 3 years






Easy cleaning with steam

Forget about scrubbing and scraping fat and burnt food from the oven. With the SteamShine® cleaning function, the oven does all the hard work for you. Just pour some water into the tray and let the magic happen.

The SteamShine® function softens food and grease deposits on the oven walls, all you have to do is wipe them down with a paper towel.


Halogen backlight

Good visibility of the food being prepared

Want to watch the cooking process but don’t want to open the door to keep the heat out? Halogen lighting well illuminates the niche of the oven, allowing you to follow your culinary masterpiece through a tightly closed door.


Gas leakage protection

Automatic shutdown of gas supply

If the flame is left unattended, it can easily go out, filling the house with dangerous gas. The gas leakage protection function detects the extinction of the flame due to escaping liquid or air flow and cuts off the gas supply. No more worrying about gas leaks.


High performance gas burners

Faster and more efficient cooking thanks to the special design of the burners

Even on the busiest day, there will be healthy food on your table. Now you can cook all your meals faster and more efficiently. High efficiency gas burners reduce gas consumption and cooking time compared to conventional burners. With their help, you can quickly set the table with your favorite dishes, even if you have very little time.


Main characteristics

Hob Type  :  Gas

Number of cameras  :  one

Oven type  :  Multifunctional

Cooking modes in the oven  :  7

Control system  :  Mechanical timer

Main chamber volume  :  55 l

Hydrolytic cleaning  :  SteamShine

Door type  :  Folding

Number of Burners  :  4

High performance gas burners  :  Faster and more efficient cooking thanks to the special design of the burners


Main compartment functions

Cooking modes in the oven  :  7

Defrost (fan without heating)  :  Yes

Convection  :  Yes

Bottom heat Top heat  :  Yes

Big grill  :  Yes

Ring heating convection  :  Yes

Bottom heating element with fan  :  Yes

Top heating element with fan  :  Yes


Characteristics of the hob

Hob material  :  Steel

Ignition type  :  Integrated ignition

Gas leakage protection device for hob burners  :  Automatic shutdown of gas supply

Front left  :  2.9 kW

Rear left heating zone  :  2 kW

Front right heating zone  :  1 kW

Rear right heating zone  :  2 kW

Grating type  :  Enameled


Standard accessories

Number of standard trays  :  One

Number of retractable grilles  :  One


Performance and Consumption

Type of heating element of the main chamber  :  Electrical

Type of installed gas nozzles  :  Natural trunk gas

General power  :  7900 W

General power  :  2000 W

Voltage  :  220 – 240 V

Frequency  :  50 Hz

Plug  :  Yes

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