Beko Electric Oven Rustic Stainless Steel 71Ltrs

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Catalytic Walls

Grease-absorbing walls

Scrubbing the oven with strong cleaning products is nobody’s idea of fun.

Catalytic walls in your oven’s back and side walls use clever science to absorb cooking grease and reduce food odours.

So, you can save that elbow-grease for something a little more enjoyable.



Durable Door

Sturdy door for carrying heavy dishes & cookware

Hot, heavy dishes and pots can be difficult to get out of the oven. Durable Door supports loads as heavy as 22.5 kg.

That’s 20% more than standard oven doors so you can rest your piping hot pot on the open oven door while you take a breather.



Telescopic Shelves

Safe & easy-pull-out tray

If you find yourself struggling to get that heavy dish out of the oven, Telescopic Shelves will make your life easier.

Its runner system lets you pull out the shelf all the way out (or 2/3 of it, for partial Telescopic version) of the oven while supporting your dish.



Key Features

Product Type  :  60 cm

Height  :  59.5 cm

Width  :  59.4 cm

Depth  :  56.7 cm

Number of Functions  :  8

Display Type  :  Rustic Timer

Main Cavity Volume  :  71 L

Main Cavity Energy Efficiency Class  :  A

Main Cavity Oven Type  :  Multi-functional

Door Opening Type  :  Drop-down

Colour  : Rustic Stainless Steel


Main Cavity Functions

Main Cavity Oven Type  :  Multi-functional

Number of Functions  :  8

Defrosting  :  Yes

Fan-assisted  :  Yes

Conventional Cooking  :  Yes

Multi-dimensional Cooking  :  Yes

Electric Grill  :  Yes

Fan Heating  :  Yes

Half-grill with Fan  :  Yes

Steam-cleaning  :  Yes

Bottom Heating

Standard Accessories

Number of Standard Trays  :  1

Number of Deep Trays  :   1

Number of Standard Wire Racks   :  1


Steam-cleaning  :  Steam Shine

Catalytic Back Wall  : Grease-absorbing walls



Grill Type  :  Electric Grill

Cooling Fan  :  Yes



Type of Illumination  :  Clear view of what’s happening inside

Display Type  :  LED Screen

Indoor Cooking Guide  :  Yes

Removable Door Glass  :  Yes

Number of Cavities  :  1

Telescopic Shelf Type  :  Single-level Telescopic Shelf

Number of Shelf Levels  :  5-level Side Racks

Cavity Colour  :  Black Enamel

Door Opening Type  :  Drop-down


Performance & Consumption

Main Cavity Heat source  :  Electric

Total Electric Power  :  2500 W

Voltage  :  220 – 240 V

Frequency  :  50 Hz


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