Beko Steam Oven 82 Lt. Black

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Type of Item : Steam Oven

Installation : Built In

Colour : Black Stainless Steel

Multi-Tray Cooking :  Yes

Number Functions : 15

Capacity : 82 L

Warranty : 5 years


It heats up the oven in a moment

The Booster function activated at the beginning of baking will help to heat the oven to the desired temperature faster and without long waits.


Better lighting with lower consumption

Compared to a classic light bulb, the halogen bulb can better illuminate the oven space, has lower consumption and does not need to be changed as often.


Easy to clean door glass

The special treatment of the inner glass of the pipes allows for easier cleaning without scrubbing. Dirt does not stick to the glass so much and can be wiped off with a cloth.


Larger oven volume

The larger oven volume of 82 l allows you to bake more food at once while maintaining the same external dimensions. So you don’t have to enlarge the hole in the line to have a bigger oven,


Tender meat program

The low-temperature roasting program is suitable for long roasting of meats, such as bacon, ducks or geese. By slowly roasting for a longer period of time, the meat becomes beautifully tender and remains tender and juicy.


Safe ejection of baking food

The telescopic pull-out helps to pull out the baking tray without the need for force. It is suitable for safer removal of hot plate.


Silent closing of the door

The SoftOpen-SoftClose hinged door absorbs the impact of the door when closing and at the same time helps to open easily with one hand.


No dirt between the door windows

Using the screwdriver or the levers that are part of the door, the inner glass of the Beko pipe door can be easily removed. This will allow comfortable cleaning of spilled dirt between the glasses.


Baking with automatic steam support

When baking with automatic steam support, simply pour water into the designated container. The oven then dispenses steam into the oven space during baking and keeps the baked food in a humid environment. This, of course, prevents the food from drying out, maintains its juiciness and at the same time helps to create a crust of bread.

Automatic blow-off when opened

The smart fan is adjusted to switch itself off when you open the oven. This is so that the hot air does not get directly into your eyes.


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