Beko Electric Oven Stainless Steel 82 Ltrs

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Type of Item : Multi-Functional Oven With 3D cooking

Installation : Built In

Color : Stainless Steel

Multi-Tray Cooking :  Yes

Number Functions : 13

Capacity : 82 L

Warranty : 5 years

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Greater capacity in standard dimensions

Not having enough space in the oven can be frustrating, especially when you have a large family or many guests to serve. THE
CookMaster® ovens have an amazing 82 l capacity to cook on five levels simultaneously, with the same dimensions as
a traditional oven.


PizzaPro ™

The real pizza in just 5 minutes

If your homemade pizza looks like tomato-soaked bread, it’s time to switch to PizzaPro ™.

Thanks to the oven that reaches a temperature of 310 ⁰C, you can prepare pizzas worthy of the name in just five minutes.

Convince all who do not arrive from the pizzeria below the house may take a little longer.



Fat-resistant baking glass, easy to clean

Who doesn’t like a good baked recipe. But cleaning the splashes of grease from the door isn’t as nice, right? Of course not.

The CleanZone® oven doors have an internal oleophobic coating that resists dirt and grease, making them easy to
to clean.

Just pass the inside with a mild detergent, even after 20 cooking cycles. You will never have to rub and use again
aggressive products to clean the oven.


Halogen lighting

A clear vision of what is happening inside

Do you want to know how cooking proceeds, but you don’t want to open the oven door to prevent the heat from escaping? The Halogen Lighting ti
offers a complete view of the oven to keep an eye on your recipes with the door closed.


Main Cavity Functions

Oven cavity type  :  Thermo-ventilated

Number of Functions  :  13

Thawing  :  Yes

Assisted with Fan  :  Yes
Traditional cooking  :  Yes
Cooking Pizza  :  Yes
Multi-level cooking  :  Yes
Electric Grill  :  Yes
Fan heating  :  Yes
Grill with Fan  :  Yes
Heating with ECO Fan  :  Yes

Keep warm  :  Yes

Half-Grill  :  Yes

Steam cleaning  :  Yes

Lower Resistance  :  Yes

Low Temperature Cooking  :  Yes


Main features

Product Type  :  60 cm

Height  :  59.5 cm

Length  :  59.4 cm

Depth  :  56.7 cm

Number of Functions  :  13

Display  :  Touchscreen display

Oven volume  :  82 L

CleanZone ™  :  Yes

Steam Cleaning  :  SteamShine®

Oven cavity type  :  Thermo-ventilated

Door Opening Type  :  Front

Color  :  Stainless steel


Standard Accessories

Type Telescopic Grids  :  Double Telescopic Support Grids

Number of Standard Trays  :  1

Number of Deep Pans  :  1

Number of Grid Shelves  :  1



Surf® system  :  Yes

PizzaPro ™  :  Real pizza in just 5 minutes

Grill type  :  Electric Grill

Cooling Fan  :  Yes



CookMaster®  :  More capacity in standard sizes

Type of Internal Lighting  :  A clear view of what’s going on inside

SoftClose® Door Closure  :  Yes

Display    :  Touchscreen display

InDoor Cooking Guide  :  Yes

Removable inner door glass  :  Yes

Number of Cavities  :  1

Type Telescopic Grids  :  Double Telescopic Support Grids

Number of Extractable Grids  :  Support grids on 6 levels

Number of Extractable Grids  :  2 Levels

Cavity color  :  Black enamel

Door Opening Type  : Front

Color  :  Stainless steel


Performance and Consumption

Oven volume  :  82 L

Cavity Heating Source  :  Electric

Total Electric Power  :  3100 W

Voltage  :  220 – 240 V

Frequency  :  50 Hz


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