Beko Electric Oven Black 71 Ltrs

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Type of Item : Single Multifunction Oven with 3D Cooking

Installation : Built In

Color : Black

Multi-Tray Cooking :  Yes

Number Functions : 8

Capacity : 82 L

Warranty : 5 years

Original price was: €659.00.Current price is: €549.00.



3D Cooking

The 3D cooking mode allows the simultaneous operation of all heating elements. This ensures a uniform distribution of heat inside the oven.



Perfect air distribution, perfectly cooked dishes. AeroPerfect helps you cook accurately, offering a new algorithm for distributing heat inside the oven, to minimize temperature fluctuations.

AeroPerfect thus ensures a homogeneous cooking process through the uniform distribution of hot air, thanks to the new design of the ventilation system, the increased hot air flow inside the oven and the grill with increased surface and power.

SteamShine® Cleaning

Forget about cleaning and scraping away grease and burnt food from the oven. With SteamShine® Cleaning, the Beko oven is easier to clean. Just add water, turn on the oven and as the water evaporates, the debris softens and can be easily removed.

Catalytic self-cleaning

The catalytic panel mounted on the wall of the inner cavity absorbs grease and reduces odors during baking, facilitating the cleaning process. Thus, the use of abrasive cleaning materials or chemicals will no longer be required.

Conventional cooking

The upper and lower heating element operate simultaneously, without fan. This traditional way of baking is recommended in the preparation of cakes, puff pastry or biscuits.

Low Grill with ventilation

The grill effect is less than using the full grill. All you have to do is turn the dishes over halfway through cooking.

Ventilated cooking

This function ensures a uniform distribution of heat inside the oven, thus speeding up the cooking process.

Halogen lighting

You definitely want to see what your dishes look like while cooking. That’s why I added halogen lighting to your oven.

Lower heating

Allows only the lower heating element to start. Perfect for pizza or food that requires a final browning at the bottom.

LED Touch Control

The electronic programmer with animated display facilitates navigation in the menu, with easy-to-read symbols. The screen displays the selected cooking function, as well as the recommended level for positioning the tray inside the oven, in order to obtain the best cooking results.

Oven lighting

Allows food to be monitored during cooking.

Display lock

The function can be activated to prevent the settings from being changed by pressing the buttons by the children.

Defrost function

The fan allows hot air to circulate inside the oven to defrost food in just a few minutes.


Sets the predefined cooking time and turns off the oven at the end of the program.

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