Beko Built-In 60cms A+++ Dishwasher

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Status indicator light

If your built-in dishwasher is so quiet that you find yourself guessing whether it’s running or not, here is LedSpot. LedSpot is a program status indicator light that shines on the floor, at the base of the machine to let you know if it’s running or not. No more guesswork for when to unload the dishwasher.


5-position cutlery tray for flexible loading options

Having to hand-wash your most precious cocktail or wine glasses after a special occasion is the last thing anyone wants to think about. Thankfully, FlexiDrawer lets you arrange the cutlery tray in 5 different positions depending on the space you need on the upper rack. Now you can wash even the longest-stem glasses in the dishwasher.


3 times faster cleaning

Sometimes you don’t have the time to wait for a full wash cycle to finish. The Fast+ function speeds up the washing cycle for up to 3 times* with optimum performance, meaning you can wash and serve in no time at all. *Tested by internal laboratories.


Easy-to-open dispenser lid

Don’t hurt your fingers trying to open the detergent dispenser. The Sliding Detergent Dispenser is so easy to open and close that it makes adding detergent a doddle.


Gentle hold for stem glasses

Another delicate glass broken because it knocked on other things while washing? The patented SoftTouch Shelves on the upper basket will hold your stem glasses gently in place so that they don’t get damaged during the wash. Plus, the mug shelves are height-adjustable to provide the perfect grip for your fragile items.


Extra room for pots & pans

Every time you cook, you’re using different-sized pots and pans, and you need a dishwasher that understands that. The Easy Fold Plate Support lets you easily remove room for plates to fit in those massive pots and pans. The days of having to wash the largest items by hand are gone, and good riddance!

  • Energy Efficiency : A+++

  • Colour : White

  • Dimensions : 81.8 x 59.8 x 55cm (H x W x D)

  • Warranty : 5 Years

  • Programs :

    Number of Programmes : 8

    Programme 1 : Auto Programme

    Programme 2 : AquaFlex Programme

    Programme 3 : Intensive 70 °C Programme

    Programme 4 : Eco 50 °C Programme

    Programme 5 : Delicate 40 °C Programme

    Programme 6 : Quick & Shine Programme

    Programme 7 : Mini Programme

    Programme 8 : Prewash Programme

  • Functions :

    Function 1 : Hygiene Intense

    Function 2 : MaxiDry

    Function 3 : DeepWash

    Function 4 : Fast+

    Sub-function 1 : Tablet

    Sub-function 3 : SelfDry

  • Technologies :

    Intensive Lower-rack Washing : DeepWash

    Fast+ : yes

    Time Delay : Yes with Manual Adjustment of up to 24 h

    Tablet Function : Auto Tablet

    Glass Care System : GlassShield

    Dirt Sensor :  yes

    Drying System : Effective Drying

    Water Softener : yes

  • Basket Design & Standard Accessories :

    Cutlery Tray : FlexiDrawer

    Upper-basket Adjustment Type : New 3 Position Loaded Adjustable_L

    Number of Easy Fold Plate Supports (Lower-basket) : 4

    Number of Easy Fold Plate Supports (Upper-basket) : 3

    Mug Shelf : Adjustable & SoftTouch

    Number of Mug Shelves : 4

    Accessories :Pots&Pans&Tray Holder Accessory

  • Performance & Consumption :

    Place Setting :16

    Energy Efficiency Class :C

    Energy Consumption (kWh/cycle) :0.768 kWh

    Water Consumption per cycle :9.5 L

    Noise Level :42 dBA

    Number of Spray Levels :3

    Voltage :220 – 240 V

    Frequency : 50 Hz

    Power Consumption in ‘left-on mode’ (Pl) (W) (EP) : 1.00

    Power Consumption in ‘off-mode’ (Po) (W) (EP) : 0.50

    Declaration Program Duration (EP) : 230

    Duration of the Left-on Mode (Tl) (min) (EP) : 5

    Noise Class (EU_2021_EP) : B

    Water Consumption (litres-gallon) : 9.5

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