Beko Fridge Freezer Inox 201 x 54 cm

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Featuring five freezer compartments and a large salad crisper drawer, this expertly designed fridge freezer allows you to store your food easily and efficiently. Whilst our Frost-Free technology means you’ll never need to manually defrost your freezer, our advanced FreezerGuard technology allows your appliance can be kept anywhere in the home, even the garage. And, for home where space is at a premium, the reversible doors on this model offer a convenient solution.


Reversible Door

Adjustable door direction to fit your kitchen layout

Some kitchen layouts require that refrigerator doors open in one direction and not the other. Reversible Door allows door hinges to be placed on both the left and the right of the unit, so decide which way your fridge doors open. Plus, you can double your cooling capacity by placing two fridges side by side and reversing the doors of one.


Vacation Mode

Extra energy saving

Get your fridge in the holiday spirit when you leave for vacation. Vacation Mode saves energy by shutting down the cooler section but keeping the freezer running. Frozen food will we preserved while you save on energy bills.


Gross & Net Volume

Total Gross Volume 325 L

Total Volume (l) 286 L

Total Fresh Food & Chill Compartment Volume (l) 153 L

Frozen Food Storage Volume (l)133 L

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