Avintage 36 Bottles Built-In Wine Cooler Black

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What is the point of a dual-zone cellar?

The AVI60CDZA built-in cellar is a dual zone, this means that the 2 zones can be adjusted independently of each other. You can thus set a temperature between 5° to 12°C in the upper part and 12° to 20°C in the lower part. Your best bottles of wine will be stored at a uniform temperature. Red, white or rosé wines, you can store all these wines in one and the same cellar and taste them at the ideal temperature to take full advantage of their aromas.

Functional & integrated wine cellar

The AVI60CDZA cellar has a reversible glass door and adapts to your constraints of integration in column. Delivered with 3 sliding wooden shelves, your bottles are easily accessible and presented in an aesthetic way.

Manage your wine cellar register with the Vinotag® app !

The Vinotag® application allows you to establish a digital wine cellar register. Be alerted of your stock level and the peak dates of your bottles to fully enjoy the aromas of your mature wine. Thanks to our partnership with Vivino®, access detailed wine information by simply taking a picture of your bottle labels before placing them in your cellar. Then indicate in the application where you want to place your bottle, so that you can find it effortlessly when you need it.

Key features

  • Reversible door black organic glass door frame, 3 layers tempered glass with anti-UV treatment
  • 3 sliding wooden shelves
  • White electronic display
  • White LED lighting
  • Energy class : G
  • Noise level : 39 dB
  • Cooling system: compressor (fan assisted cooling)
  • Operating ranges : upper zone: 5°-12°C / lower zone: 12°-20°C


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