Cecotec Pedicure File

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Type of Item  : Lint Remover

Colour  :  White

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Cecotec 04222

Bamba SkinCare Silky

Bamba SkinCare Silky electric foot file has an 800-mAh lithium battery, with up to 90-mins autonomy. Thanks to its NonStop system, it can be used with and without the cord. It is not necessary to leave it charging. Just connect it and it is ready to be used.  It includes two removable and washable batters, durables and with different thicknesses, to cover any need. Ergonomic design and easy to use.

  • Bamba SkinCare Silky by Cecotec removes roughness and includes lithium battery. It is light and avoids having to change batteries constantly.
  • Our SkinCare Silky electric file offer 2 operating modes. Its cordless mode allows using it freely, wherever you want, simple and easily. When used corded, it offers continuous power.
  • It is designed for you to have smooth and beautiful feet. It includes 2 rotating discs with long-lasting abrasive microparticles and removes rough skin immediately.
  • Its 2 rotating discs have different thicknesses, for perfect results in each zone and moment. SkinCare Silky includes a thicker rotating disc for zones that require a more intense action, and a thinner one that is ideal for smoothening, for soft and smooth results.
  • Furthermore, the batters are detachable to make it easier to exchange them.  They are also fully washable under running water, to eliminate dead cells that may have remained stuck. The batters will remain in perfect conditions for longer.
  • Its ergonomic design adapts to your hand perfectly and allows a more comfortable and safe use, reaching easily every single zone of your feet.
  • Bamba Skincare Silky is charged in only 90 minutes and offers a 90-minute range of non-stop operating.
  •  It includes on/off button and LED charge indicators for a more simple and easy use.

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