Flamingo is committed to provide you with the best possible aftersales service.  We kindly advise you to read carefully the contents of this document. We guarantee that the products have been manufactured to the highest standards and specifications.  They have been designed to give a good and reliable service provided they are installed and operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.  It is strongly recommended that you read and understand the instruction manual prior to using the appliance.

  • All products carry the statutory 2 years guarantee on parts and labour. However there are products that carry a longer guarantee.  Make sure that you are aware of the guarantee length on your chosen product at the time of buying.
  • Claims under guarantee can be accepted only if your property is adequately protected from the effects of external or internal electrical disturbances or malfunctions. These safeguards include appropriately related circuit breakers, an over and under voltage protective device and a residual current device with an effective earth connection as per local legislation (S>L> 545.24 Electrical Installations Regulations)
  • The guarantee document is the only document recognized and accepted, together with the fiscal document, for claims under guarantee.
  • Guarantees on small domestic appliances and water heaters commences from the date of purchase. Guarantee on other domestic appliances shall commence on the date of delivery unless these are installed by an official company technician. In the latter case the guarantee commences on the date of installation.
  • By guarantee it is meant the repair and/or replacement of spare parts that may result defective.
  • It is the consumer’s responsibility to install/remove any built-in appliance from its fitted position, including door panels, hinges and other related material whenever the intervention of one of the Company’s technicians is requested.
  • Small domestic appliances are to be brought to the Company’s after sales department for repairs. Items can be collected by Company’s personnel at a charge.
  • The guarantee is not transferable and only recognizes the original buyer.
  • Claims for external visible damages are only accepted if made on the delivery of the goods.
  • Service will only be given if your account is up to date.
  • This guarantee does not cover:
  1. The body, including rust, parts made of plastic, rubber, glass, ceramic, enamel, lamps, ignition candles, gas burner parts, pan supports or other parts needing replacement owing to normal wear and tear.
  2. Products which are not installed by a Company authorised technician.
  3. Products which are not used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and not used in the environment for which they were intended.
  4. Faults which arise out of accidents, acts of God, including but not limited to, lightning, water, storm, fire, public disturbances, improper ventilation, electricity supply fluctuations or insufficient/excessive water pressure.
  5. Water Heaters that are not connected to a water tank
  6. Products on which the product label has been defaced, removed or tampered with.
  7. Remote controls and batteries.


Your statutory rights shall remain unaffected by this commercial guarantee.

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